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Kensington Loft Conversions

Should you require loft conversions in Kensington, at Hawksmoor Construction. We provide a full loft conversion service to customers throughout Kensington and the surrounding areas. We provide a range of loft conversions which cover everything from standard rooflights to mansard and much more. No matter what type of attic conversion you’d like you can count on the team Hawksmoor Construction.

Having years of industry experience in the area, we have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to make sure a professional and efficient service is provided.

What’s more is we can also convert any type of loft space you require as well as help you to achieve planning permission if it’s necessary. Over the years we’ve provided many loft conversions for our clients across Kensington. So should you need a loft conversion in Kensington then make sure that you get in touch with Hawksmoor Construction, our team of professionals will be more than happy to help.

Types Of Loft Conversions

As a leading property renovators in Kensington, at Hawksmoor Construction we’re able to provide a selection of loft conversions to our clients across the areas. What’s more is, at Hawksmoor Construction we can transform any attic space and include extra room for your property so you can enjoy. Our team of experts provide knowledgeable advice on the best type of loft conversion for you, we’ll incorporate your properties style and your own requirements. Next our team will work closely with you from design to completion and make sure that your project is exactly how you imagined it to be.

Rooflight loft conversions have become a popular choice for a number of clients, they’re one of the most popular types of attic conversions and we provide them across Kensington. When it comes to rooflight conversions, they don’t require planning permission unless the building is listed, or extensive structural work is needed to the roof. With a rooflight loft conversions they give you the option to expand the space in your home without the need to change the roof line. At Hawksmoor Construction we’ll work with you to make sure a rooflight conversion is the right type for your requirements and your property. Over the years we’ve provided a number of rooflight conversions and have carried out a number of roofligh tprojects for clients across Kensington.

Dormer loft conversions involve an extension being added to the existing roof line, this will provide the option for more space, headroom and the ability to have a flat facing window. At Hawksmoor Construction, over the years we’ve carried out a number of dormer conversions for people living throughout London and the surrounding areas. From shed dormers to gable fronted dormers and much more, we’ll help you choose the best type of dormer loft conversion for your property. When we provide dormer loft conversions, we’ll make sure that we only use both professional tradespeople as well as quality materials to ensure a high standard of finish.

Mansard loft conversions include raising both walls on each side of your property, then a supporting frame is added between the two new walls. Mansard conversions come with lots of advantages including, adding a whole new floor to your property, as well as allowing for more headroom and expanded usable floor space. Should you be looking for a way to add a large amount of space to your property without using space from the garden, then a mansard loft conversion is a great option. Simply contact our team today, we’ll be more than happy to discuss your loft conversion project with you.

Hip to gable loft conversion involve the side of your roof being removed, as well as the wall height being extended in order to maximise the headroom inside. Over the years at Hawksmoor Construction we’ve carried out a number of hip to gable conversions for our clients in Kensington. Hip to gable conversions tend to be found on terraced, semi-detached and detached properties. At Hawksmoor Construction, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to carrying out hip to gable loft conversions.

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Our Loft Conversion Service


When you choose Hawksmoor Construction for your loft conversion project in Kensington, we’ll ensure that we work closely with you in order to understand your desires, requirements, and the budget you have available. This information means we can create an effective design that will be tailored around your project’s needs.


After an initial consultation, we’ll work with you to create a design for your new loft conversion. The design will cover all of your requirements and ideas. Once a design has been agreed, we’ll consider any planning or permissions needed in order to carry out any work.


When it comes to your loft conversion project, it will need planning permission, Our team at Hawksmoor Construction will work closely with you to help you obtain it. Should plans be rejected for any reason, we’ll create a new one that’s suitable for both you and the local authorities planning department.


Once the designs, planning and schedule of work has all been agreed, we’ll start on the conversion of your loft space. At Hawksmoor Construction, you can trust that we only use professional tradespeople to ensure that the highest standard of finish is provided. By using quality building materials, it’s our main aim to make sure that we only exceed all of your expectations.

Project Management

When it comes to choosing a construction company for your building needs in Kensington, look no further than Hawksmoor Construction, we’ll also provide a full project management service for your loft conversion, so there’s no need to worry about the stress or hassle, we have you covered. What’s more is we’ll ensure that each and every part of the project is completed to your budget and expected timescale.


We ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard, and it’s also our main aim to exceed your expectations. Once work has been completed, we won’t just leave you. So if you ever need assistance, no matter how big or small the issue may be, we can always be on hand to assist.

Why Choose Us For Loft Conversions in Kensington?

  • A wealth of experience carrying out loft conversions
  • We provide a full design to completion service
  • Well-known across the Kensington area for the service we provide
  • Have a team of professional tradespeople
  • We can fully manage your project for you

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Should you require a loft conversions in Kensington or the surrounding areas, then make sure that you get in touch with Hawksmoor Construction. With have years’ of experience carrying out loft conversions and have all of the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a professional and efficient service is provided. No matter what type of loft conversion you might require, we’ll work with you from design to completion. We offer full project management for all of the loft conversion projects we undertake across Kensington.

If you’re in need of a loft conversion in Kensington, be sure to contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

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