Notting Hill I


We were tasked with creating a truly bespoke home for our clients. Working tirelessly with the client and design team, we transformed this tired home into a light-draped, effortlessly beautiful property set apart by its minimalistic, clean and contemporary design.

Early in the project, we discovered major structural faults within the existing building. Using our extensive knowledge and unwavering desire to create one-of-a-kind homes, we worked exhaustively with the design team to turn these unforeseen circumstances into an opportunity for our client to reimagine their classical home and personalise it even further.

The project involved a full back-to-brickwork refurbishment. It included extensive structural reconfiguration, detailed M&E and AV wiring, three bathroom renovations, a new kitchen, bespoke joinery and rebuilding the extension to the rear of the property opening out the space to accommodate a truly stunning multi-purpose living space.

Whilst rebuilding and refurbishing this home, we worked harmoniously with the client and design team to communicate the history of the home, whilst capturing its natural beauty and introducing modern aesthetics through our expert craftsmanship.

The modernistic refurbishment resulted in oak-wood tones and light finishes with a combination of clay plasters, concrete flooring, paint and high-quality tiles.

Client Review