Hawksmoor Construction is a high-end, sustainably conscious company with a collective and collaborative approach. Inspired and driven, we strive to always work with the client’s vision front of mind and to deliver beautiful, exquisitely finished projects from end-to-end.

Our in-house, fully qualified, and highly trained teams have a wealth of experience and lead with client-focused goals. We specialise in crafting and designing the finest start-to-finish, expansive home refurbishments, transformative renovations, unique interiors, new builds, and sublime basements.

At Hawksmoor, we are committed to working alongside our clients, providing an enjoyable experience and achieving luxurious spaces to create the lifestyle vision of the people we are privileged to work with.

The process we follow


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As a Chartered Construction Manager with over two decades of construction industry expertise, our Managing Director and Founder, Paul, has first-hand experience on a wide range of building projects. Initially trained as a high-end carpenter with an entrepreneurial mindset, Paul applies his hands-on ethos and innovative approach to every project.

To deliver our builds, he utilises his years of know-how, exceptionally high standards, and precise attention to detail, resulting in work that is second to none.

“We bring a bespoke, polished finish to our clients’ homes, tailoring spaces and utilising superior workmanship that is conscientiously reflected in our handpicked materials, curated designs, and opulent client outcomes. At Hawksmoor, we are all part of the same team — one that prioritises our clients’ values and never compromises on quality, carefully placing our impeccable standards at the heart of every project.”

Paul Fitzgerald MCIOB
Managing Director & Founder

Luke started his ambitious journey with Hawksmoor as a site manager and now works as Project Manager, steadfastly collaborating directly with subcontractors, architects, and clients while diligently utilising his hands-on, multi-trade experience. He pursues the highest company standards with resolute determination, working from start to finish on our projects with the goal of beautifully enhancing every home we work within.

“As my own toughest critic, I aim to make sure every job is successful at every given level and phase and to ensure that all works over-deliver — from site drawings and inductions to site meetings and PPE regulations. An essential part of completing our project works is doing so in the most professional manner using outstanding protocol- and procedure-driven methods and excelling in client expectations, successful delivery, and desirable outcomes.”

Luke Tossoun
Project Manager

Our dedicated, sharp-minded in-house Quantity Surveyor, James, joined Hawksmoor in 2021, adding his wizardry for numbers and highly-prized skillset to the team. With over a decade of experience, an apprenticeship, and extensive construction industry know-how, James brings with him a BSc Hons degree in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management and standards that never fall short of perfection. Involved at every project stage, James is technically driven, ensuring precision on project budgets and the highest standard of cost reporting. He thrives on analytical thinking, initiative, and working hard to achieve the wonderful results Hawksmoor is known for.

“I love the company's attitudes towards providing the best-quality product for clients and the attention to detail. The constant strive for perfection is very important to me, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist myself.”

James Lynott
Quantity Surveyor

Hawksmoor’s Finance and Operation Manager, Agata, has been involved in accounting and finance-based positions for over 15 years across multiple sectors. As F&O Manager, Agata works closely with our teams and sub-contractors, maintaining and providing all financial and operational functions. As a dedicated and dynamic individual, Agata leverages her exceptional experience to ensure all standards, records, HR, and legislation are upheld whilst also liaising with diverse colleagues and collaborative partners.

“Working with a wonderfully conscious company wanting to grow responsibly with a shared mission, dedication, and enthused perspective, I see our immense strength in building great working relationships both within the business but most importantly with our clients too — never compromising on our unwaveringly high standards and always generously delivering on our briefs.”

Agata Sokolowska
Finance & Operations Manager

With over 20 years within the construction industry, our Construction Manager Jason directs his carpentry industry experience into his strength of leadership to support, guide, and consistently promote project perfection. Utilising his hands-on technical expertise, Jason positively impacts all project perspectives, standards, and manual aspects of works being carried out, overseeing our remarkable designs and elegant builds with a knowledgeable, precise mindset and approach.

“It’s our ability to build and enhance great working relationships when working on client projects and consulting with architects and other partners that ensures we at Hawksmoor always deliver the highest possible standards of distinguished work. As a sustainably conscious company, we considerately measure the suitability of material choice, leading the way to outstanding craft and exceptional deliverables.”

Jason Mansoor
Construction Manager

Having over three decades of construction management experience, Remis has accumulated an impressive background of notable practical knowledge. He started his career as a carpenter, which brought him a broad understanding of application and extensive understanding of working practicalities. Remis leads with impressive, active project action foresight driven by the benefit of his first-class, wide-ranging expertise.

“At Hawksmoor, we strive to provide our clients with inspired vision and a great work ethic. Our friendly and helpful teams pride ourselves on unreservedly good communication, solution-focused leadership, and above all, ensuring our clients are always more than wowed by our prestigious designs, builds, construction, and completion results.”

Remis Cereskevicius
Construction Manager

With a refined content marketing and administrative background, our in-house Marketing and Projects Co-ordinator, Ola, keeps our Hawksmoor brand on point. Her cutting-edge know-how ensures we stay relevant, distinctive, and current within the marketplace, while her ability to build rapport enables her to communicate closely with all teams, clients, and partners — leading to seamlessly, smoothly led designs and stunning builds.

“Our engaged, monthly management review meetings showcase the different areas of the business, giving our strongly driven teams a holistic view of the company performance. Our overarching purpose on our projects and processes is to place weighted emphasis on working as a cohesive and striving business team — to produce the finest, most spectacular project results for our clients and collectively move forward as a customer-focused and caretaking brand.”

Ola Ingielewicz
Buyer & Marketing Manager

A key figure within Hawksmoor’s project management team, Vardan brings a broad team-centric skillset with a logical, practical, and enthused approach that adds value for the company and our clients. He leads with a driven yet approachable and skilled work ethic that empowers us to offer our clients, new and existing, the promised excellence of an enjoyable and successful project outcome.

“Being thoughtful to the client, appreciating the disruption, and putting the people we work with at the centre of every part of the process are of the utmost importance to me, the teams and individuals that work at Hawksmoor, and those we partner with. Supporting all projects with strong, structured, usable, and trusted project management systems in place ensures we deliver stunning, high-spec, and high-end home spaces"

Vardan Franguljan
Project Manager

Meet Dolly, Cash, and Snickers - the top dogs of Hawksmoor Construction! These furry friends may be small, but they're big on talent and heart. Cash is the brains of the operation, always eager to learn new tricks and commands. Dolly is the muscle, with a bark that can shake the foundation of any construction site. And Snickers? Well, he's the resident goofball, always ready to make everyone smile with his silly antics.

When they're not busy supervising the crew, you can find Dolly, Cash, and Snickers on their favourite break spot, enjoying some well-deserved treats and walkies. They're always happy to greet visitors and clients, and they never say no to a belly rub or a scratch behind the ears.

These three amigos are more than just pets - they're an integral part of the Hawksmoor family. So if you're ever in need of a little furry inspiration, just look to Dolly, Cash, and Snickers. They're proof that with a wag of a tail and a little bit of determination, anything is possible!

Dolly, Cash & Snickers
Barketing Department
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